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MOCA Jacksonville is seeking a coordinator for the museum program to build mutually beneficial relationships with Jacksonville organizations through art. MOCa Jacksonville's for a Museum Educator to implement and support educational initiatives to serve the museum's mission and audience, with special focus on school and adult tours. The program is open to students, adults, children and adults of all ages and adults with disabilities. It is necessary that the candidate has a high level of knowledge and experience in the field of public education and / or community engagement.

MOCA Jacksonville does not respond to applicants, but candidates can be contacted for interviews. Candidates who do not apply online or upload the required documents will not be eligible for the position.

If you can commit to helping others, we will provide you with financial literacy and help you become a licensed broker. If you know the industry and need support and learning, please come and work with some of the greats we have encountered. Please send us an e-mail with instruction 2 (option 2) if you wish to request accommodation.

We offer a paid, industry-leading development program that fully prepares you to work with customers to obtain a 7.63 Series license. We offer you everything you need in a paid world - training that will prepare you for success.

MOCA Ambassadors act as instructors, bring visitors to experience art from different perspectives, engage in meaningful conversations through gallery discussions, and play an important role in enlivening the museum's mission of promoting the art, culture, history, and culture of Jacksonville, Florida, and the US Ambassador of MOCa is responsible for overseeing the gallery and engaging guests in a variety of activities including art education, art history, museum tours, public events, and more. As well as acting as a facilitator for the continued engagement throughout the institution, they also play a key role as ambassadors for the Museum of Contemporary Art Jacksonville's ongoing mission to foster public understanding of art and its history.

We believe that we are a diverse and inclusive workplace where employees are respected and valued for their unique perspectives and experiences. We strive to do so continuously and pride ourselves on our ability to attract, hire and develop strong, talented and diverse workers.

The success of our company is based on personal responsibility and pride, and every employee takes responsibility to get things Just right and compassionate by focusing on engagement with our customers and with each other with compassion. We ask you to work together to create a better customer experience and create a workplace for you.

The retail employee will perform a number of functions in all areas of the business, depending on the needs of the company. The retail merchant shall take on tasks during the working hours assigned to him. If the fulfillment of a task helps us to achieve customer service and operational goals, the employee may be asked to perform additional tasks in certain situations.

A successful CRA supports customers with a wide range of needs, including answering questions about their balance and orienting them towards the appropriate resources. Customer questions are answered politely and knowledgeably, customers are supported with goods and members of the store leadership are consulted if necessary. The cashier is trained in the operation of cashiers, cashier, cashier, customer service and customer interaction.

Applicants must complete an online application to be eligible for the position. You have the right to be involved in MOCA Jacksonville and participate in our internship program, volunteer in various fields or work in the museum. Please apply and find out about all available positions on our website and contact us for more information.

Under the leadership of the sous chef, this position ensures a smooth and professional service of food and drink, including beer and wine, and provides updated menu items and related activities. MOCA Ambassadors guest offices are responsible for greeting guests, handling entrance fees, membership and sales transactions, and managing general customer service requirements.

MOCA is committed to creating a safe shopping environment for all by leveraging technology, customer service and the best possible customer experience.

Fidelity is a private company that places great value on creating and nurturing a work environment that attracts the best talent and reflects the commitment of our employees. Fidelity's nine affinity groups are self-organized groups of employees who share similar interests and build on a similar set of experiences to create a positive and inclusive workplace for all employees. In fidelity, we focus on making sure we help people live the life they want in life. Our goal remains consistent in every interaction: to make clear decisions, help customers become more confident and realize their own financial dreams.

As a member of the Security Department, our security service is responsible for the safety and welfare of all visitors to the collections and exhibitions of the Jacksonville Museum of Art. Support in the installation of exhibitions in the museum and in the implementation of the visions of artists and curators. The interpretation of the museum's collection with exhibitions on display through means geared to the needs and interests of a diverse audience, including the use of interactive exhibits, interactive displays and interactive programming, which led to increased participation of the target groups.