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In Jacksonville, some of the best museums make it fun for kids to learn about art. Touch art is a must for families travelling with the youngest, and it must also be a fun experience for them and their families. Some of these top galleries in Jacksonville are made up of hands-on art that gives kids the art in a really fun and interesting way.

The Museum of Science and History offers MOSH every Monday, including an exhibit called "Currents of Time," where visitors can learn about the history of Northeast Florida. The museum also showcases the latest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) just outside Jacksonville. MOSH features award-winning exhibitions such as "Currents in Time," which examines the evolution of the world's oceans and their history, and an exhibition of mammals inhabiting the watercourses of the First Coast.

Visitors can enjoy the park's natural beauty by geo-seeking, hiking and picnicking, and learn more about the historic battle through park signs.

If you live in a good apartment in Jacksonville, Florida, you will feel like you're in old Florida and why you should come home. Jacksonville hotels and beaches offer beautiful views, are a transportation hub and are within easy walking distance of many of Jacksonville's top tourist attractions. Bebe a few places to pay and contact us for more information about the best hotels, restaurants and hotels in the Jacksonville area. Simplify your trip with our free guide to Florida's top five cities for travel planning and tips.

The reserve is named after the Timucua Indians who once lived in northern Florida and is maintained in collaboration with the Florida Department of Natural Resources, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and the State of Florida. The park is home to more than 1,000 species of birds, reptiles, amphibians, mammals, birds of prey and other animals, which host a variety of plants, animals and animals as well as a number of historic buildings and monuments.

On the museum's website you can see photos and learn more about the hundreds of pieces in its collection. Many of the Timucua artifacts are kept in the Jacksonville Historical Society's Museum of Natural History in Jacksonville, Florida. Spend an afternoon browsing new and used books in the Jacksonville Histories Society bookstore.

Explore Ringling's iconic history at the Circus Museum and see how Jacksonville's Augusta Savage played a major role in Harlem's renaissance. Stroll through the 31 galleries of the Art Museum and discover the permanent collection of pieces, including an important collection of porcelain pieces. Take time to see one of the rotating exhibits and stroll through the English and Italian gardens, which are full of sculptures and flowers overlooking the St. John River.

After visiting several beaches in Florida, we can confirm that the beaches of JAX are among the best of them, and we recommend Jacksonville Beach. The views of the Gulf of Mexico, the Atlantic Ocean and the Florida Keys are simply breathtaking.

If you're heading to Jacksonville and want to experience the wonders of this amazing city while taking a break, you should know that you can have a great vacation even if your budget is tight. With all the exciting things to see, a day trip to this unique Florida city would be well worth it.

In November, children under 12 can enjoy all the family fun Jacksonville has to offer for free. Believe it or not, there are attractions in St. Augustine, and so many amazing attractions are taking part in Kids Free November.

It stands on the oldest plantation still in Florida and has one of the oldest trees in Jacksonville. The museum is a modern museum as opposed to a "modern" museum, which makes it a great entry-level museum for children. Its historic gardens are a reflecting pool and have oak trees as well as an old-fashioned garden with fountain.

This downtown museum, run by the University of North Florida, offers its own version of the Mandarin Experience, as well as its own website and Facebook page. This museum is a unique stop in Jacksonville, as it tells the story and exhibits of the Mandarin Experience. The stadium is home to Jaguars headquarters and is also home to football games for the Jacksonville Jaguars and other events, such as the annual Florida Gators game against the Florida Panthers.

This museum was founded in 1958 when a group of students from the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of North Florida developed a plan to build a museum on the site of the former Florida State University campus in downtown Jacksonville. It was first named in 1988 and has been considered mainly as a children's museum ever since, but the action has helped people see the museum as an innovative centre that lives up to life - long learning. The museum's main exhibit, "The Museum of American History and Culture in Jacksonville," features photographs, artifact collections and information.

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